Wednesday, January 7


Not much to write right now. I'm entertaining thoughts of posting more often, but it's not happening yet. It's been a hell of a year, but now we're starting a new one, so who knows?

For now, I put some new pictures in our slideshow here. We just returned from a relaxing, monotonous, wonderful family trip to Maui. I want to stay there and sit by the pool for 38 more days.

Friday, July 18

Sunday, July 13

Nora's 3rd Birthday

Pictures in the gallery to the right-------->

It was Mega-Princesserific.

Monday, May 12

Not to toot my own horn, but people get us confused all the time.

Nora (to Pete, after pretending that he was a baby, and she was his mom): Okay, now I'll be the baby, and you be the superman...uh...I mean...the daddy.

Tuesday, May 6

Passport Picture

I need to renew my passport, and I couldn't decide which passport photo to use. What do you all think?

Sunday, May 4

Mud Pies

A couple of weeks ago, the kids tried their entrepreneurial skills with a mud pie stand.

Monday, February 18


Pete: Are you rooting for Batman or Superman?
Me: I like Batman.
Pete: I like Superman, why do you like Batman?
Me: I've always liked Batman. He's always been my favorite superhero because he doesn't have any special super powers. He just uses his brain and works really hard to get really tough so that he can beat the bad guys. I like him because he works so hard.
Pete: Well, I like Superman because he can punch through buildings!!!

Wednesday, January 30


That's a picture that Pete took of me. I love it. Notice that more pictures have been posted in our album on the right. We had a blast at Disneyworld. So fun to be swept up into such a hyper-designed world for a few days. A little like an innocent Vegas.
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Wednesday, January 2

Playmobil Hospital

So Pete got a playmobil hospital set for Christmas. He loves it, but I decided to merge it with some of the other playmobil animals that he has and make it into an animal hospital. See treatment options below:

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